AI Command Behaviors

You can choose what to do with the text content from AI when using an AI Command. This is the first step to build an AI-automated workflow.

Open in a new window

When you trigger an AI Command, BoltAI will start a new chat with the predefined configuration. This is useful when you want to ask follow up questions, or when you're not working with a textfield (not possible to edit the text)

Best tasks with this behavior:

  • Text summarization

  • List key takeaways

  • Explain content

Insert answer before/after selection

Instead of opening the asnwer in a new window, BoltAI will attempt to insert the answer before or after the selection.

Note that you must not change the selection, or to switch to a different window while BoltAI is processing your request. The reason is because BoltAI will attempt to send keystroke to the current app (Command + V)

You can choose to insert a newline between the selection and the AI answer for better readability.

Replace current selection

This is useful when you don't need the content in the selection. For example: grammar fix, content rewrite etc.

Copy to clipboard

This behavior gives you the flexibility to choose where to paste the AI answer.

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