The Replicate plugin lets you generate images using a text-to-image model hosted on

What is Replicate?

Replicate makes it easy to run machine learning models in the cloud from your own code. You can run open-source models, or deploy your own models.

BoltAI supports generating images using your Replicate API key.

How to set up the Replicate plugin?

Go to Settings > Plugins > Replicate. Select tab Settings then enter your API key.

How to use the Replicate plugin?

To use the Replicate plugin, make sure you've setup the API key. Then:

  1. Start a new chat. Choose an LLM that supports Function Calling (for example GPT-4o)

  2. Enable the Replicate plugin

  3. Enter your prompt

Pro tip: you can tell the LLM to generate multiple images at the same time. For example: "Generate 4 images of a unicorn"


  1. Can I use a language model on Replicate? Not yet. At the moment, BoltAI only supports a few text-to-image models on

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