Your First Chat

First Contact™

The Chat UI is really simple. If you can use ChatGPT, you can use BoltAI Chat.

Send your first message

  1. Select your favorite AI service & model. Optionally enable AI plugins.

  2. (Optional) Choose an AI Assistant for more accurate AI answers

  3. Choose a predefined message from the library OR

  4. Enter your message (Use Option + Return or Shift + Return for new line)

  5. Alternatively, you can click the "waveform" button (5) for voice chat (requires OpenAI API key)

BoltAI Chat UI

  1. Chat configuration: system instruction, context limit, plugins and other advanced GPT parameters

  2. Chat history search

  3. Message action: Read Aloud, Copy to clipboard, Edit, Regenerate, Regenerate with a different configuration...

  4. Attach images to use with a Vision model (other file types coming soon)

  5. Prompt Library (shortcut Command + Shift + P)

  6. Main chat input field

  7. Voice Input

→ Learn more about the Chat UI

Import your ChatGPT data

BoltAI supports importing data from your ChatGPT export. Enjoy a seamless transition from ChatGPT to BoltAI with just a few clicks.

Follow the guide below to start ↓

pageImport from ChatGPT

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