BoltAI is a beautiful and powerful ChatGPT client for Mac

Chat User Interface

Chat Context Management

Integrations & Plugins

Beyond Chat Interface

Multiple AI Models

Chat Management

Security & Privacy

Chat User Interface

Native support for Markdown & Codeblock

Advanced Theme Customization

Your chat is fully customizable: light/dark mode, font size, custom font, custom color scheme for code blocks...

Hotkey & Shortcuts

Power users can invoke AI even faster with better keyboard shortcuts

Voice Input

Tired of typing, use voice-to-text for a hand-free experience


Have a hand-free, conversational AI experience

Native drag-and-drop

Drag and drop images to save them, or to use with a vision model (such as GPT-4 Vision)

High Performance

Most native ChatGPT apps struggle to render real-time, markdown chat message.

I did a quick benchmark for a few popular AI chat apps such as MacGPT, Machato, Fly AI... and all of them reach 100% CPU real quick.

After 2 major rewrite, BoltAI lowers the CPU usage to below 30% during real-time live chat rendering.

You can test it yourself. Just ask the AI app to rewrite a long article.

Demo: 60 FPS on a long list

Chat Context Management

AI Assistant

In BoltAI, an AI Assistant includes a set of configuration that help you with specific tasks: Software Developer, Technical Writer, Marketing Expert...

Learn more about AI Assistant

Built-in Prompt Library

BoltAI is shipped with more than 150 prompts, ready to be used.

Chat Context Limit

Set the context limit to save token cost

Reset Chat Context

This is useful when you want to keep the chat configuration, while being able to use previously chat messages for reference.

Edit AI Message

You can edit AI message to refine the chat context

Integrations & Plugins

Web Search Plugin

The Web Search plugin allows BoltAI to access the Internet and search for the most accurate data in real-time.

Web Browsing Plugin

When enabled, BoltAI will attempt to read the content of the web page to provide a more accurate answer.

AI Image Generation

Generate AI images with OpenAI's Dall E model, Stable Diffusion or other open-source models (via Replicate)

Chat with Screenshots (ShotSolve)

Take a screenshot then ask GPT-4 Vision about it

Custom Plugins (coming soon)

Beyond Chat Interface

Context-aware AI Command

Highlight text, press a hotkey and let AI perform a task for you

Build your own AI automation

Invoke AI within any app (AI Inline)

The AI Inline feature allows you to invoke AI within any app

Multiple AI Models

Multiple AI Service Providers

BoltAI supports multiple AI services beyond OpenAI: Azure OpenAI, Azure Mistral AI, OpenRouter, TogetherAI, Mistral AI, Perplexity AI, Ollama, LMStudio etc...

Custom endpoint & proxy

Customize your OpenAI's endpoint to use with a third-party service

All ChatGPT Models (sync automatically)

BoltAI automatically synchronizes model list from OpenAI, making it easy to use the latest model or to use your own fine-tuned models

Custom System Instruction

Customize the System Instruction for better AI responses

Advanced GPT Parameters

Are you a super user? Tweak advanced GPT parameters is easy with BoltAI

Local LLMs support

BoltAI supports Ollama natively and can be used 100% offline, including AI Command & AI Inline features.

Chat Management

Chat Folders

Organize chats better with folders.

Can't search in ChatGPT? BoltAI to the rescure.

Edit & Fork Chats

Easily edit chat message for better AI answer

Import Chats from JSON

Export Chats to JSON/Markdown/HTML

Favorite/Archive Chats

Better chat management with categories

Security & Privacy

Secure & private by design

  • Your API keys are stored securely in Apple Keychain

  • Your chats are stored locally in a SQLite database

  • Your prompts are sent directly to OpenAI or your AI Service Provider

  • Unlike ChatGPT, your chats are not used for training

Built-in data redaction

Avoid sending sensitive data to OpenAI or LLM servers with BoltAI's built-in data redaction

We. Don't. Track. You.

We DO NOT store or analyze the content you type. We do not upload your documents. Your prompts are sent directly to OpenAI or your AI Service of choice.

We use Sentry to help improve BoltAI’s stability and performance by sending the crash report if BoltAI is terminated unexpectedly.

Other diagnostics data is collected anonymously and kept in aggregate with ABSOLUTELY no personally-identifying information, not even device ID. It's 100% GDPR-compliance.

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