AI Command

Invoke AI in just 3 steps

The AI Command feature allows you to ask AI about the currently highlighted text.


This feature requires the Accessibility permission

How to use

1. Open a web article:

For example, open GPT best practices

2. Highlight the content you want AI to help with:

Highlight the first few paragraphs.

3. Trigger the AI Command shortcut

  • Press Control + Space

  • Choose List key takeaways

BoltAI will start answering your question in a new Chat Window. You can also ask follow up questions in the chat window.

BoltAI is shipped with 38+ AI Commands by default. Adding a new AI Command is easy, follow the link below to learn more.


If you're a Setapp user, you might see a Message Too Long error. This is due to the Setapp limitation of 1600 max tokens per message. Learn more here...

→ Learn more about the AI Command feature

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