How does AI Inline work?

The Inline feature allows you to invoke AI directly within your favorite applications.


This feature is currently in beta. Setapp users can enable this feature following this guide.

How it works?

To use AI Inline, type the Trigger Phrase followed by your request, then press the Trigger Method shortcut


Don't forget to press the Trigger Method. This is the most common mistake a new user make.

By default:

  • The Trigger Phrase is gpt:

  • The Trigger Method shortcut is Command + Shift + Return

All of these can be configured in Settings > Shortcuts > Inline


Using an AI Assistant

An AI Assistant includes a set of configuration that help you with specific tasks: Software Developer, Technical Writer, Marketing Expert...

To improve AI's responses for your task, you can request a specific AI Assistant.

It works similarly to the basic AI Inline in the previous example, but instead of using the Trigger Phrase, you ask for a specific AI Assistant.

Here is step by step on how to use it:

1. Open the Apple Notes app

  • Create a new note in Apple Notes

2. Type the Assistant Trigger Phrase followed by your request

  • Type //a (double slash, followed by character a—you can change this later)

  • Choose Ask a Technical Writer

  • Type your prompt. For example: write a blog outline for this topic: "10 ways to boost productivity with ChatGPT"

3. Press the Trigger Method shortcut

  • Press Command + Shift + Return


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