Setapp Limitation

Setapp introduced new AI+ plans for advanced users to easily use multiple AI apps without needing an OpenAI API Key.

If you're not on the new "AI Enthusiast" or "AI Expert" plan, it's likely that you will reach the usage limit soon.

Note that you don't need to upgrade to these plans if you intend to use your own API keys (read more below)


  • If you're on these new AI+ plans, make sure to set it correctly in BoltAI

  • If you're not on an AI+ plans, you can continue use full features of BoltAI with your own API key. During the onboarding, make sure to click "Continue without an AI+ plan"

What is Setapp's Limitation?

You can learn more from Setapp's official document. Here is a quick comparison:

Use an API key instead

You can use your own API keys instead. BoltAI supports popular AI Services such as Anthropic, Google AI, Perplexity AI, Mistral AI... or local LLMs via Ollama

Follow this guide to setup Ollama and use a local LLM with BoltAI

Use another AI Service

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