Inline Assistant

What is an AI Assistant?

In BoltAI, an AI Assistant includes a set of configuration that help you with specific tasks: Software Developer, Technical Writer, Marketing Expert...

I'm working to migrate toward the official Assistants API from OpenAI.


This feature is currently in beta. Setapp users can enable this feature following this guide.

How to create a new AI Assistant

Creating a new AI Assistant is simple. Go to Settings > AI Assistant, click on the "+" button.

Fill the form:

  1. Give your Assistant a friendly name. For example: "Life Coach"

  2. Set the System Instruction for the Assistant.

  3. (Optional) Set a custom ID for the Assistant. Note that this will change the Trigger Phrase for this Assistant. For the example below, you will need to type //ask_life_coach.

  4. (Optional) Set other advanced configurations such as GPT Model (only supports OpenAI for now), Temperature or Output Language

  5. Click Save

Now you can type //ask_life_coach <your prompt> <Trigger Method> to use this Assistant

How to use the Assistant Popover

When you type //a, you trigger the Assistant Autocomplete Popover. The search field supports Fuzzy Search, so you can type alcand it automagically suggests the Life Coach assistant.

Alternatively, you can click on the suggestion item, or press Tab/Return to select the Assistant.

How to reorder the suggestion list

Searching for your Assistants all the time can be annoying, right? Good news, you can re-order the Assistant easily in BoltAI.

Go to Settings > AI Assistant, select your Assistant then drag & drop into the new position.


Now you will see "Marketing Expert" on top of the list

How to change the Trigger Key

You can change the Trigger Key for the AI Assistant Popover in Settings > AI Assistant.

If you do not wish to use this feature, you can turn it off for a minor performance gain.

Special AI Assistants

There are 4 special AI Assistants that you cannot delete: BoltAI, DALL·E, Stable Diffusion & Openjourney

  1. The BoltAI assistant allows you to ask generic questions. It's similar to using the gpt: Trigger Phrase

  2. The DALL·E, Stable Diffusion & Openjourney assistant allows you to generate AI images inline. See demo below:


  • If the image isn't showing up, it's likely that the application you're using doesn't support pasting images.

  • You can always find the generated images in ~/Pictures/BoltAI

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