Import / Export

You can export and import data between devices easily in BoltAI.

Export BoltAI Data

Exporting BoltAI data is simple:

  1. In BoltAI, select File > Export...

  2. Select which data you want to export

  3. Click Export Data...

BoltAI will automatically shows the exported file in Finder.

By default, the final export data will include all your unencrypted API Keys. Make sure you don't share it publicly.

Import BoltAI Data

You can import BoltAI data using the same process.

  1. In BoltAI, select File > Import > From BoltAI JSON export...

  2. Select the exported file (json)

  3. Select which data you want to import

  4. Click Import Data. Wait for a while...

  5. Restart BoltAI

Note: Consider hiding folders for better rendering performance. Learn more...

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