Inline Prompt

BoltAI features a built-in Prompt Library Management. You can add custom prompts and autofill it on any app or website, including the official ChatGPT app.


This feature is currently in beta. Setapp users can enable this feature following this guide.

How to use the built-in Prompt Library

Similarly to the AI Assistant feature, you can trigger the Prompt Popover using the Trigger Key //p (configurable), then press Return or Tab to select the prompt. You can also use this as a text expander ultility.

In the demo below, I'm asking Buddha on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

How to add a new prompt

Go to Settings > Prompts, click on the "+" button.

Fill the form:

  1. Give your prompt a friendly label. For example: "SVG designer"

  2. Set the content of the prompt.

  3. (Optional) Set a custom ID for the prompt. Note that this will be used for fuzzy search within the Prompt Popover.

  4. Click Save

Other functionalities

Similarly to the AI Assistant feature, you can reorder the prompt list, change the default Trigger Key or use fuzzy search in the Popover.

Learn more on the AI Assistant page

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