Feature Flags

There are certain features or behaviors in BoltAI that you can tweak via a feature flag. To configure these flags, go to Settings > Advanced > Feature Flags

Unlike other options, feature flags might change in the future without notice. Use them with caution.

What are flags I can change?

  • Enable text selection for user messages. Due to a bug in the underlying rendering engine, this might cause crash for some users.

  • Use new rendering for user messages.

  • Use new markdown renderer for macOS 12.

  • Enable AI Inline for Setapp version: The AI Inline feature is highly experimental and is not enabled by default on Setapp.

  • Append current time to System Instruction: When enabled, BoltAI would include your local time in the System Instruction. This is useful when using with AppleScript plugin to set a reminder, or when you want to ask about a real-time event.

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