Database Maintenance

All your data is stored in a local SQLite database. To prevent data loss, it's highly recommended to back up your data regularly.

How can I access this feature?

Go to Settings > Advanced > Data Management. Find the "Database Maintenance" section.

There are 3 operations you can do:

  1. Take a full backup: take a back up of your SQLite database

  2. Optimize Full-text Search index: optimize the FTS index for your chat data

  3. Reclaim Disk Space: perform a VACCUMN operation.

How to restore a backup?

Your database is stored in this location:

  • For website version: ~/Library/Application Support/co.podzim.BoltGPT/db.sqlite

  • For Setapp version: ~/Library/Application Support/co.podzim.BoltGPT-setapp/db.sqlite

To restore your backup:

  1. Make sure you've taken a full backup of your database

  2. Quit BoltAI

  3. Copy and place the backup.db to the location above

  4. Open BoltAI


  • Unlike the data import & export feature, this operation will replace your data completely.

  • Make sure you've taken a full backup before proceeding or it might result in data loss.

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